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Homeschool Launchpad

A step-by-step online training program for your teen so they are all set up to homeschool themselves - in just 1 week!  (With bonus training for parents!)

Teen Buy-in

Now is the ideal time for your teen to take charge of their education, guided by the personalized support of a Self-Directed Success Coach. By allowing your teen to develop the skills of a successful lifelong learner, you'll witness something truly precious and often hard to find in teenagers: their genuine buy-in. Based on my experience working with over 50 teens, I've observed that when kids have the opportunity to express their opinions and make choices, it makes a world of difference in their attitude - a key factor in cultivating the mindset we strive for. Embrace this moment and empower your teen to shape their educational journey.

Here's what your teen will learn...

The 7 essential questions to answer that map out their curriculum in just 15 minutes

how to take advantage of all homeschooling has to offer

How to choose which curriculum and resources are most likely to work for them

Your teen will get...

You (the parent) will get...

True Value

Take a moment to consider the true value of this program...

Imagine the amount of time you'll save when your teen, with the guidance of a Success Coach, takes care of all the groundwork required to set up a comprehensive homeschooling plan.

Consider the impact on your finances when you have a happy and flourishing teen. Just think about the savings from therapy sessions and intensive tutoring that may no longer be necessary.

Furthermore, your teen's well-being directly affects your own health, which you may not have realized. The stressful and negative environment your teen faces for 35 hours a week can take a toll on their health as well.

What would it mean to you to savor a beautiful relationship with your relaxed teen before they venture out into the world?

Imagine the freedom and relief you'll experience when you can finally relax, knowing that your teen is content and thriving!

Homeschool Launchpad dual-program will soon be selling for at least $497...

ENROLL now to Beta-Test the course for JUST $197!


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