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How to Successfully Homeschool Your Teen While Working Full Time

Mom at work while son homeschools
Working and Homeschooling

If you're a full-time working parent considering homeschooling your teen, you might be grappling with questions about feasibility and effectiveness. Let's explore practical strategies to make this journey not just manageable, but enriching and fulfilling for both you and your teen.

Practical Tips for Success Homeschooling While Working

1. Establish a Routine: A consistent daily schedule is key. It helps set clear expectations and manage time efficiently for both you and your teen.

2. Foster Independence: Encourage your teen to take charge of their learning. This builds confidence, self-reliance, and reduces your workload.

3. Utilize Available Resources: There are numerous curricula and educational resources available. Find what aligns with your teen's interests and learning style.

4. Stay Connected: Regular check-ins are essential. Discuss progress, challenges, and celebrate achievements together.

5. Join Support Communities: Platforms like 'Guiding Teens to Homeschool Themselves' on Facebook offer valuable peer support and advice from others in similar situations.

The Role of Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) is a transformative approach in education, particularly effective in homeschooling contexts. It emphasizes the teen's role in driving their own educational journey, thereby reducing the parental burden, especially for working parents.

How Self-Directed Success (SDS) Supports You and Your Teen

The Self-Directed Success Approach is a pioneering program tailored for busy parents like you. It minimizes your involvement to about 2 hours per week while maximizing the educational benefits for your teen.

- Mindset Training: Self-Directed Success starts with cultivating a positive and proactive learning mindset in your teen.

- Skills Training: The program focuses on developing essential life and academic skills such as organization, time management, and self-discipline.

- Accountability: With you as the parent or with a Self-Directed Success Coach, your teen is mentored and guided, ensuring they stay on track and engaged in their learning process.

SDS Programs Designed for Your Convenience

1. Homeschool Launchpad: A comprehensive program that prepares your teen to set up their homeschooling program in just one week, including parent training.

2. Concierge Launchpad + Bootcamp: This service offers hands-on management and coaching for your teen's homeschooling journey, covering the initial four weeks.

3. Concierge Semester: For an entire semester, a Homeschool Success Coach supports and manages your teen's homeschooling, including routine establishment and progress tracking.

4. SDS Bootcamp and Quest: Focused courses with the aim of instilling Self-Directed Success Skills in your teen, supplemented by personalized coaching sessions.


Transforming the homeschooling challenge into a harmonious journey is possible. By fostering self-directed learning and leveraging the right resources and support, such as those offered by SDS, you can successfully homeschool your teen while managing your full-time work commitments. This path not only educates but also empowers your teen, preparing them for life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.


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