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  • What is Self-Directed Success (SDS)?
    Self-Directed Success (SDS) is an innovative online homeschooling support program that empowers teens to manage their own education. By fostering independence, motivation, and confidence, SDS prepares students for academic success and real-world challenges.
  • Who is SDS designed for?
    SDS is ideal for busy working parents who wish to homeschool their teens but have limited time to devote to planning and teaching. It's also perfect for teenagers who may not thrive in traditional classroom settings or who need more flexibility in their learning schedule.
  • How can I get started with SDS?
    To get started, you can enroll in our Self-Directed Success Homeschool Launchpad program, designed to guide you and your teen through the initial steps of setting up a homeschooling plan. For a captivating, gamified course specifically focused on mastering the 12 Self-Directed Success Skills, check out our Quest program. If you prefer a more structured, school-like option with comprehensive support, our SDS Academy prepares students for dual credit readiness with a flexible yet rigorous curriculum. You can also schedule a consultation with a Success Coach to explore these options and discuss what best suits your specific requirements.
  • My teen isn't naturally self-motivated. Is Self-Directed Success suitable for her?
    Many teens have yet to discover their self-direction, and that's where Self-Directed Success can make a significant impact. Our programs are designed to nurture and develop self-directed learning skills. It's not just about where your teen currently stands in terms of motivation or self-discipline, but more about guiding them towards becoming more autonomous and engaged learners. With SDS, your teen will receive the support and tools necessary to grow into a self-directed learner.
  • What are the key benefits of homeschooling with the Self-Directed Success Approach?
    The Self-Directed Success Approach to homeschooling empowers teens to take control of their learning, fostering independence, self-motivation, and personalized education tailored to their unique needs.
  • Can homeschooling provide a strong academic foundation for college admission?
    Absolutely, homeschooling can offer a robust academic foundation suitable for college admission. It allows for a personalized education that often includes advanced study in areas of interest, fostering critical thinking and self-management skills. Many homeschoolers successfully demonstrate their readiness for higher education through dual-credit college courses, standardized tests, and special interest projects. Additionally, homeschooling can develop unique qualities in students, such as independence and initiative, which are highly valued in the college admissions process.
  • How can parents support their teens in self-directed learning with Self-Directed Success?
    Parents can support their teens in self-directed learning by providing a conducive environment, encouraging autonomy, and collaborating with Self-Directed Success coaches to tailor the educational experience to their teen's needs.
  • What sets Self-Directed Success apart from traditional education methods?
    Self-Directed Success stands out by empowering teens to take control of their learning, offering personalized education, fostering independence, and focusing on developing essential life skills beyond academics.
  • I'm concerned about not having the time or expertise to teach my teen. Can Self-Directed Success still work for us?
    Absolutely! Self-Directed Success (SDS) is designed to support busy parents and empower teens to manage their own education. Our programs provide personalized coaching and guidance, minimizing the need for extensive parental involvement. Homeschool Launchpad sets up your teen for independent homeschooling within a week, ensuring they have a clear and personalized plan. Quest offers ongoing challenges and weekly one-on-one coaching to build the skills that lead to self-directed, independent learning. SDS Academy prepares students for dual credit readiness with a structured, yet flexible curriculum and comprehensive support. With SDS, your teen can thrive academically with minimal time and expertise required from you.
  • I'm already so busy. How can I manage homeschooling on top of everything?
    At Self-Directed Success, we understand the time constraints of busy parents. Our Self-Directed Success Approach is designed to require minimal parental involvement — just 2 hours per week. We empower your teen to take charge of their education, while our Success Coaches provide guidance and support, making homeschooling manageable even for the busiest families.
  • Will my child miss out on social experiences in homeschooling?
    While Homeschool Launchpad focuses on getting set up for individual, self-paced learning, we understand the importance of social development. Our approach includes guiding your teen in finding local social opportunities.
  • How does SDS help with legal homeschooling requirements?
    Our Homeschool Launchpad courses (both Teen and Parent versions) guide you in discovering the homeschool requirements for your state.
  • Can SDS help with curriculum selection?
    Yes, SDS can help with curriculum selection through the Homeschool Launchpad program. This program provides teens with the tools and guidance to create personalized learning plans and schedules, including recommendations for suitable curricula that align with their individual learning objectives and educational needs. Our Self-Directed Success Coaches offer support to ensure that the chosen curriculum is engaging and effective for each student's unique learning style​​​​.
  • What is the Quest program?
    Quest is a 5-week online, facilitated course designed to help teens develop mastery in the 12 SDS skills through small, incremental challenges. It encourages ongoing personal and academic growth with a gamified approach to learning.
  • Who is Quest designed for?
    Quest is is ideal for guiding teenagers to become more self-directed, independent learners. It's especially ideal for teens who are attracted to video-game-based approaches, providing personalized support and accountability, and helping those struggling with motivation and task initiation through an engaging and interactive learning experience
  • What is the SDS Academy?
    SDS Academy is an innovative online high school program designed to prepare students for dual credit (college and high school) readiness in as little as one year. The program features a structured yet flexible curriculum that includes project-based and inquiry-based learning methods. With a focus on real-world applications, small cohort sizes, and personalized coaching, SDS Academy empowers teens to take ownership of their education, develop essential life skills, and achieve academic success​​​​​​.
  • My son has difficulty with online learning. How will SDS Academy be different?
    The key difference with Self-Directed Success is the element of student agency. Unlike typical online schooling where courses and schedules are predetermined, SDS allows your son to pursue independent studies, create his own schedule, and take full ownership of his education. This personalized approach often leads to increased engagement, motivation, and overall success in learning, making it a very different experience from standard online schooling.
  • How does SDS ensure my teen is learning effectively?
    SDS ensures effective learning through a combination of personalized support, structured programs, and real-world applications. At SDS Academy, students engage in project-based and inquiry-based learning, which fosters deep understanding and practical skills. They benefit from small cohort sizes, weekly group support calls, personalized challenges, and one-on-one coaching sessions. These elements, along with regular progress reports and accountability measures, ensure that your teen remains motivated, engaged, and on track for both academic and real-world success​​​​​​.

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