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self-Directed Success QUEST program

A captivating online training program designed to guide your teen to master the 12 Self-Directed Success skills that release potential, empower autonomy, and cultivate confidence -- so they can achieve success in any future endeavor!

Imagine Your Teen Confident, Productive, Motivated

Your teen would be unstoppable!  It won't really matter what he knows about chemistry or history or algebra if he's not confident, productive, or motivated.  These are the outcomes they really need from their high school education.  And, the outcomes traditional education is often failing to produce. 

Enter the Self-Directed Success Quest program.  Designed to build competency across 12 key skill areas: Planning, Organization, Time Management, Task Initiation, Working Memory, Metacognition, Self-Control, Attention, Flexibility & Perseverance, Effort & Challenge, Respect & Communication, Study Skills & Critical Thinking.

Why Choose SElf-directed success

Lunar Eclipse


The Method

Our innovative Quest program engages teens in a fantasy video-game-like story with clever, but real-life challenges the student passes to earn XP and move on to the next level.


The Stage

Teens are at that life stage where they generally resist taking advice from parents, especially regarding self-management.  Let them instead learn from a gamified course with personal feedback from a specially-trained Self-Directed Success Coach.

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The Reason

In today's world, Self-Directed Skills like time management, planning, and task initiation are foundational to success in any endeavor in life.  Information is ubiquitous, but knowing how, when, and why to use that information is the aim; self-efficacy, the goal.


The Impetus

Empowering your teen with mastery of the 12 Self-Directed Success Skills sets them up for a fulfilling, meaningful life.  And, the sooner they incorporate them into their life, the sooner they'll gain the confidence that leads to motivation, purpose, and direction.

Quest LEVEL 1
TIME TREK: the planning quest

Preview: First Lesson Video
Old Industrial Machinery

Self-Directed Success Quest
how it works

The Course

Once the Quest Level 1: TIme Trek course opens, students watch the story lesson videos and complete actions that demonstrate one or more of the Self-Directed Success skills.  Some of the actions will require the student to show evidence which will be reviewed by their "ChronoMentor" a.k.a. Success Coach. Once approved, the student marks the action complete and earns XP.  Each level requires a certain amount of XP to master it and move on to the next level.  None of the actions take a significant amount of time.  If at any point, a student gets stuck or would like help brainstorming, they can message the Success Coach for assistance.

Group Coaching Calls

Each week for 5 weeks, students will gather on a Zoom call led by their Self-Directed Success Coach who will lead fun group challenges, provide guidance, answer any questions, and motivate!

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Time trek MODULES


- Narrative Element: Introduction to the mystical land of Chronos and the quest to restore balance.

- Learning Activity:

Students create a personal time map, establishing their daily and weekly schedules.

- Progress Metric:

Completion of a time map and reflection on their current time management habits.

The Call to Adventure


Gathering Tools

- Narrative Element:

Journey to the ancient library to gather knowledge on planning and organization.

- Learning Activity:  

Interactive lessons on setting SMART goals, prioritizing tasks, and creating to-do lists.

- Progress Metric:

Drafting of personal goals and a prioritized to-do list.


The Maze of Multitasking

- Narrative Element:

Navigating a labyrinth while juggling multiple tasks and challenges.

- Learning Activity:  

Exercises on identifying and managing distractions, and focusing on single tasks.

- Progress Metric:

Self-assessment on multitasking tendencies and development of a focus strategy.


Battle with the Procrastination Monster

- Narrative Element:

A showdown with a monster that grows stronger with inaction.

- Learning Activity:  

Strategies to overcome procrastination, such as the Pomodoro Technique and breaking tasks into smaller steps.

- Progress Metric:

Implementation of a procrastination-fighting technique for a week and journaling the experience.


Crafting the Shield of Organization

- Narrative Element:

Forging a magical shield that represents the power of organization.

- Learning Activity:  

Creating a personal organization system, including physical and digital organization.

- Progress Metric:

Organizing a personal space or digital files and reflecting on the process.


The Distraction Hydra

- Narrative Element: Confronting a beast that represents distractions.

- Learning Activity:

Learning about different types of distractions and how to combat them.

- Progress Metric:

Keeping a distraction log and developing strategies to minimize distractions.


The Lost Relics of Time

- Narrative Element:

Quest to find relics that symbolize advanced time management skills.

- Learning Activity:  

 Advanced time management techniques, such as time blocking and delegation.

- Progress Metric:

Implementation of an advanced time management technique and reflection on its effectiveness.


The Punctuality Portal

- Narrative Element:

Encounter the 'Clockwork Sphinx' in the land of Chronos, a guardian who tests travelers with time-related riddles. 

- Learning Activity:  

Engage in interactive riddles to enhance time estimation and planning skills and manage tasks in a time management simulator.

- Progress Metric:

 Track punctuality through points awarded for timeliness and collect time artifacts for successful task management.


Reflections at Mirror Lake

- Narrative Element:  

Looking into a magical lake that shows the player's potential future self.

- Learning Activity:

Reflective exercise on how improved time management, planning, and organization skills can impact future goals.

- Progress Metric:

Writing a reflective essay or creating a vision board.


Becoming a Time Master

- Narrative Element:  

Recognition ceremony in the land of Chronos, granting the title of Time Master.

- Learning Activity:

Celebration of achievements, sharing learnings with peers, and setting future learning goals.

- Progress Metric:

Completion of Level 1!


Quest Level 1: Time Trek
Starts September 9, 2024

Join our gamified, fantasy-theme-based 5-week online course to start the school year strong and get accountability from a Success Coach while learning alongside peers in the same cohort.  Enjoy weekly group Coaching calls and fun challenges that keep things interesting!

 📆 Group Coaching Calls on Mondays: September 9, 16, 23, 30, and October 7 at 1:00 pm Central Time (11am PT, 12pm MT, 2pm ET).

Special Introductory Pricing:
Plus, register before July 31st and get 20% off (use coupon code: EARLYQUEST20)


Something holding you back?  Not a good day/time?  Other questions/concerns?  Let us know!  We do our best to accommodate requests!

Thanks for submitting!

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